What is Outlaw Practice about?

Outlaw Practice is business software for lawyers, specifically solos and small firms.

Our mission is to make you profitable.  We start off by assuming that you are already an excellent attorney, and need help running a business.  Because that’s what you are doing, whether you realize it or not.

In law school they promised there would be no math, but that only applies to the practice of the law, not running a firm.  The proper degree program for owning and operating a business is an MBA, and there will definitely be math involved in that program!

Realistically, very few attorneys want to spend another two years behind a desk learning about statistics, sales plans, marketing plans, operating profits and analytics.

That is where Outlaw Practice comes in!  The founders of this business are an experienced attorney and a VP of sales.  Together we are building a system to help you run your business.