1993 – 2023

Celebrating 40 expeditions in 30 years – many of them world-firsts!

  1. Where the Wind Speaks: circumnavigation of the Makgadikgadi Pans in land yachts

2. Afrika Odyssey: a year-long journey in open boats from Cape to Cairo

3. Zambezi River Expedition: from mouth to source upstream in inflatable boats

4. Into the Heart of Darkness: a journey down the great Congo River

5. Rio Rovuma and the Lake of Stars: in the footsteps of Dr David Livingstone

6. Chuma & Susi Expedition: a tribute to the unsung heroes of African exploration

7. Zanzibar to Victoria-Nyanza Expedition in the footsteps of HM Stanley

8. Journey to the Jade Sea: Lake Turkana in the footsteps of Count Samuel Teleki

9. Zulu River Odyssey: Thukela River from source to mouth

10. Victoria-Nyanza: circumnavigation of Africa’s largest lake

11. The Rufiji River: a tribute to Frederick Courtenay Selous

12. Tropico de Capricornio Expedition: around the world by Land Rover

13. African Rainbow Expedition: a journey to the Somali border by traditional Arab dhow

14. Return of the Rainbow Expedition: from Somalia to Ilha de Mozambique

15. Africa’s Outside Edge: 449-day, 33-country odyssey to track the outline of Africa

16. Boundless Southern Africa: 10-country journey linking nature, culture and community

17. Cabo Verde Expedition to Africa’s Green Islands

18. 2010 United Against Malaria Expedition in celebration of the FIFA World Cup

19. The All-Afrika Expedition: to complete every country on the continent

20. Journey to Juba: celebrating the birth of the newest country on the planet

21. Africa’s Jewels in the Crown: exploration of Africa’s Indian Ocean Island States

22. The Great Rift Valley Expedition: from the Horn of Africa to Mozambique

23. In the footsteps of Joseph Thomson: tribute to Mashozi

24. Horn of Africa: exploration of Somalia and Somaliland

25. Izintaba Zobombo Expedition: a journey of support for endangered Rhinos

26. The ‘Ma Robert’ River of God Expedition: Zambezi River in the footsteps of David Livingstone

27. Sani Series I Expedition: Blood, Sweat & Gears through the Mountain Kingdom

28. Heart of Africa Expedition: a world-first odyssey to find the geographic centre of the continent

29. Chew Bahir Living Traditions: circumnavigation of Ethiopia’s dry salt ocean and ancient cultures

30. Lake Tanganyika Rite to Sight Expedition: by Land Rover and motorized dhow

31. Castles, Slaves, Voodoo and the Gates of No Return: expedition to West Africa

32. Extreme East Expedition to Ras Xaafun, Somalia: a dangerous journey to reach Africa’s most easterly point and complete the 7 ‘poles’ of Africa

33. Land Rover 70th Anniversary Zululand Expedition

34. Cape Town to Kathmandu Transcontinental Expedition: a world-first by Land Rover Discovery

35. Mozambique Flood Relief Expedition: a humanitarian journey to assist victims of Cyclone Idai around Gorongosa National Park

36. Zambezi Delta Vision Expedition: bringing the gift of sight, in partnership with Doctors for Life

37. Zambezi-Congo Expedition: east-to-west across Africa by Land Rover

38. Riding High On Sky: a journey through 125 mountain passes in 30 days

39. Mzansi Edge Expedition: tracking the outline of South Africa in 80 days – a Covid-19 humanitarian mission

40. Hot Cape to Cold Cape – New Defender Transcontinental Expedition: a 30-country, 35,000Km, 300-day transcontinental journey across Africa and Europe