Science tells us that the early life experiences of children shape the architecture of their developing brains. Children who feel loved and protected; receive good healthcare and food; and are given opportunities that spark their ability to learn; are able to build strong foundations.


So much of who we are today, was determined by the experiences we had in our first six years of life.


For many children living in under-resourced communities across the world, the opportunity for a quality early learning experience in a preschool environment comes with a hefty price tag. Quality education at preschool level improves children’s school readiness and builds skills early in life that have lasting effects.
One of the core elements of a good early learning programme is quality age and culturally appropriate educational materials. However, many Early Learning Centres in under-resourced communities struggle with access to such materials.


With its new Early Learning initiative, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation has distributed hundreds of quality educational materials to hundreds of children. Although the expeditions in and of their own cannot possibly deliver all the material that is required, the many gatherings and integration into deep rural communities, along with all the press around these expeditions, greatly help elevate this critical cause. Creating widespread awareness of the importance of positive experiences in the early lives of children, and the role that early learning plays in forging strong foundations for future success has become the newest addition to the Kingsley Holgate humanitarian initiatives.
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